How To Stop Pornography Addiction

Learning how to stop pornography addiction can turn your life around. A pornography addiction can rob years from your life. Knowing how to stop pornography addiction can give you back those years and turn you into a more productive, joyful person.

To learn how to stop pornography addiction, you will need:

  • A support group or close friends to confide in
  1. As with any addiction, having access to a support group is essential. There are specific self help groups for this addiction, but if that's not for you at least find a close friend to confide in. You can also receive support and advice from a pastor. Having someone in your life to hold you accountable is important when learning how to stop pornography addiction.
  2. Try limiting your access to pornography online. You can achieve this by moving the computer to a room used by everyone in the house. Turn the monitor so that everyone may see what's on the screen. Increasing your security with software that will not allow adult sites is also a great choice when first trying to break the addiction. Learning how to stop pornography addiction means being strict with yourself until comfortable with your new life.
  3. Remember that people online are real, they are not just objects. Every time you interact with someone online, remind yourself of that fact. Make yourself a real person by changing your email address to one which contains your real name. This is another great way to reduce anonymity and increase accountability.
  4. Develop a healthy respect for yourself as a person. When you have a healthy sex life you will not feel guilty, ashamed, or fearful afterward. You will experience a gratifying sense of well being along with your partner. Knowing how to stop pornography addiction can lead to a healthier, longer, and more fulfilling life.

Source: Cyber Sex Addiction

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