How To Stop Scammers

It is good to know how to stop scammers. Unfortunately, there are many different types of scams going around. Some involve scammers contacting people in person, while other scammers do it over the phone or through using the Internet. The best ways to defeat scammers are to stop them before they complete a scam or before they find their next victim.

  1. Stop the scam before it begins. Protect all personal information including account numbers, passwords and social security numbers. Practice diligence with regards to shredding papers that contain identifying information and be wary of people asking for such information in person or over the phone.
  2. Report all scams and scammers. If victims or potential victims of fraud do not report it, it takes much longer to catch the scammer. Make reports over the phone, online or in person to the appropriate agency.
  3. Give good, honest advice. If a friend or relative is contemplating doing something that just doesn't seem right, tell them your opinion. Point out the things that don't seem right about it. Advise them to get more information or to not do it. Even if the friend goes through with something that ends up being a scam, it is better to know that you said something.
  4. Monitor bank accounts, bills and credit reports. Some scams go on for months or even years because people are not even aware that it is going on. Check monthly credit card statements for unfamiliar charges and always monitor credit reports for accounts that may not have been opened by you.
  5. Learn how to verify identities and licenses of people offering services and products. If people present themselves as licensed contractors or trained repairmen, verify it before allowing them to start doing work for you.
  6. Think before you click. Be wary of emails received in your inbox. Are you sure the sender is who they say they are? Could they be an imposter? Also, be sure of the validity of any website that asks you to enter in personal information.
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