How To Stop A Skateboard

Have you just started learning how to ride a skateboard and need to know how to stop a skateboard? Skateboarding is a fun activity for thousands of people everyday, and coming to a solid stop will make it that much more safe. Whether you are a beginner skateboarder, learning how to do new tricks, or just haven't figured out how to stop properly; learning how to stop a skateboard will be beneficial to you. There are a few different ways to stop a skateboard that you can choose from.

  1. Foot braking is one of the easiest ways to first learn how to stop a skateboard, and can be done at lower speeds. Turn your front foot towards the nose of the skate board, and place all of your weight on you front foot, while lowering your back foot towards the ground and keeping your leg straight. Keep your weight balanced do not lean forwards or backwards. Continue to apply pressure slowly with the sole of your shoe against the ground until you come to a stop. 
  2. Heel drag is good to use when you are more comfortable with skateboarding and want to stop a skateboard. With your back foot placed at the back of your skateboard lean back and gently lowery your heel towards the ground. Be aware that the nose of your skateboard will come up into the air. As your heel touches the ground and you apply pressure, your heel will drag a short ways until you come to a stop.
  3. A Power slide is more advanced and the hardest way to stop a skateboard, but is the fastest way to stop. You want to be skating as fast as you can while still having control. Position your front foot close to the front bolts and your back foot to the back bolts. Push the board with your back foot while placing your weight on your back foot. Slide the rear wheels around ninety degrees  along the ground. You will stop as your speed is spent in the slide.
  4. A Bail is running or jumping off of your skateboard. This should be used as a last resort in emergency situations. If you don't have time to stop or slow down and you know you are about to crash, jump forward off of your skateboard, you skateboard will usually stop. At slower speeds you can run off of your skateboard if need be. Try to be careful of where and how you land to prevent as many injuries as possible.
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