How To Stop Sneakers From Squeaking

Stopping sneakers from squeaking is a mystery to many. Squeaky sneakers can be extremely annoying. Walk through a store with squeaking sneakers and you will definitely turn some heads. Some may even run away thinking a mouse is on the loose! Shoes made with rubber soles are often the squeakiest culprits. Fortunately, we have found a few ways to stop your shoes from squeaking. The squeaking is often caused by the friction of surfaces rubbing together.

In order to stop sneakers from squeaking, you will need any of these products:

  • Paper towel
  • Vaseline
  • Baby powder
  • Saddle soap
  1. Baby powder. Soften the surface with baby powder. Lift up the inner sole of the sneaker. Pour baby powder on the inside. Place the sole back down. Wear shoes as you normally would. Another option is to dust the entire shoe with baby powder. Dust the tongue, sole, and even the laces.
  2. Vaseline. Just as with a squeaky door, a little bit of lubrication should do the trick. For leather shoes, Vaseline or any other oil works great. Rub it into the entire shoe.
  3. Paper towels. If your shoes are wet, stuff them with paper towels. Allow them to dry at room temperature. Once shoes are fully dry, the squeaking should cease.
  4. Saddle soap. Rub the tongue of the shoe with saddle soap. Try wearing them.

If all else fails, it is a good idea to check with the manufacturer. You may have a faulty pair of sneakers. If your shoes are old and squeaky, it may just be time for a new pair. When shoes can older the parts begin to wear. The soles could be worn or the shank might be lose. In most cases they can be repaired, but it may not be worth the investment.

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