How To Stop Squirrels From Getting Into Car Engine

Looking for directions on how to stop squirrels from getting into your car engine? You may think that squirrels are too big to fit into your car engine, but they are very flexible rodents. Especially during the cold months, squirrels are looking for shelter and food. The engine block and air filter compartment of your car engine are perfect nesting areas for squirrels. Squirrels and many other rodents love to chew car wires and firewalls.

Things you'll need:

  • Squirrel repellents
  • Mothballs
  1. Enclosed structures. If you have a garage or another enclosed structure, put it to good use. The only sure fire way to stop squirrels from getting into your car engine is to park your car in an enclosed structure that a squirrel has no access to.
  2. Repellents. Many companies now manufacture repellents that are designed to keep squirrels out of your car engine. There are plenty of squirrel repellents out there that are safe to spray on electrical wires. The repellents omit a foul smell and apply a bitter taste to anything they are sprayed on.
  3. Food. If the squirrels are not going onto your property, chances are they will not be going into your car engine either. Squirrels love to eat bird seed, nuts, berries, etc. Never park your car near bird feeding stations, fruit trees or trees that contain acorns.
  4. Mothballs. No rodent, including squirrels, likes the smell of mothballs. You can tape mothballs around your engine by using electrical tape. Never tape the mothballs near moving parts in your car engine. The mothballs should last for at least a few months.

Tips and Warnings:

  • Squirrels do bite, so always exercise extreme caution when checking your car engine to see if you have an infestation. If you are unable to control your squirrel problem on your own, contact a professional pest control technician.



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