How To Stop Thinking About Food

Figuring out how to stop thinking about food can be a challenge. Thinking about food obsessively can lead to overeating and possibly weight gain. Thinking about food less and in a different way can keep you from turning thoughts about food into extra pounds.

  1. Bucket list. It is easy to fall into the trap of eating out of boredom. As you mom told you every summer there is no reason to be bored. Write down the steps that you can take to mark off the important things on your list.
  2. Eating well. Have you ever shoveled down fast food while driving and found that you are not satisfied? Eating the food we are really hungry for and eating slowly, without distractions means that you will be more satisfied when you do eat.
  3. Cooking shows. Reading cookbooks and watching chefs on television can stimulate thoughts about food. You suddenly feel an urgent need to have some of whatever food they are making.
  4. Healthier options. Turn your obsession with food into learning to cook healthier recipes. Thinking about vegetable isn’t much of a problem. Restrict your shopping to the produce aisles and the farmer’s market. Skip the candy and ice cream aisle.
  5. Reduce your stress. Eating can also be a way of handling stress. Reduce stress with meditation, a walk, a bath, or a talk with a good friend.
  6. Eat more often. Maybe if you are thinking about food too often it is because you letting yourself get hungry. Try eating 5 or 6 lighter meals. Eating more often might help you to stop thinking about food.
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