How To Stop The Toss Sweep In Football

Learning how to stop the toss sweep in football is essential for any solid defense.  Defenses will certainly encounter the toss sweep from time to time, often to mix up running plays and try to break outside for a big gain.  Take the following considerations into account to stop the toss sweep in football.

  1. Penetration on the line of scrimmage is important.  The key to stopping any run, and including that of the toss sweep in football, is penetration from the defensive line.  If blockers and paths can be eliminated, this is obviously one way to stop the toss sweep in football.
  2. Linebackers must read and react to the play.  Linebackers will have time to see the toss sweep, which can be rather slow if not executed properly.  Linebackers must be aware of the developing toss sweep in order to get penetration and break it up.
  3. The secondary needs to play the toss sweep accordingly.  The secondary is often able to break up sweeps in football.  Especially with the safeties who are aggressive, the secondary remains a vital factor in breaking up the toss sweep.
  4. The defense must stay in its lanes.  Over pursuing or under pursuing the toss sweep in football can be devastating.  Everyone on the defense must be able to stay in his lane in order to give the ball carrier nowhere to go.  This is the best way to stop the toss sweep in football, by staying disciplined. 



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