How To Stop Verbal Abuse In Relationships

Knowing how to stop verbal abuse in relationships is an essential skill. Verbal abuse in relationships can take several forms, consisting of: treating opinions as insignificant, silent treatment, making threats, finding faults without evidence, calling names, and excessive nonconstructive criticism. Partners use verbal abuse in relationships as a method to gain dominance. Here are some tips on how to stop verbal abuse in relationships.

  1. Ignore the verbal abuse in relationships. Sometimes, just ignoring someone will stop verbal abuse in relationships. Some people say mean things just to get attention or to get you riled up. Those who verbally abuse to get a reaction may stop if you don’t acknowledge it.
  2. Call her on it. Ignoring verbal abuse in relationships may be good enough in some cases, but some women verbally abuse because they think you won’t stand up to them. If you are dealing with this type of woman, tell her you will not put up with her verbal abuse. Turn the tables and ask her why does she feel so negatively about herself that she must pull you down with her.
  3. Make her sound absurd and have fun with it. When it comes to verbal abuse in relationships, sometimes the right move isn't to rationalize with the verbal abuser, but to go along with her to make her appear absurd. An example, if she starts a huge fight about you for staying out too late, don't say that you weren't doing anything wrong and she has nothing to worry about. Instead, say you were out really late because you were at the casino trying to win back your paycheck money that you lost and you were trying to pick up a bunch of women.
  4. Use logic to poke holes in her arguments. A good way to deal with verbal abuse in relationships is to poke holes in arguments. Learn how to spot logical fallacies. The big advantage in this strategy is that instead of defending yourself and letting her poke holes in your argument, you will be arguing from the negative side of the debate. This means that you allow your "opponent" to hang herself by letting her talk too much, giving you ammo to point out inconsistencies in her arguments.
  5. Leave her, if using the above strategies fail. You cannot always stop verbal abuse in relationships, if the abuser is sick enough. Sometimes using strategies that are meant to stop verbal abuse in relationships, makes the problem a lot worse. Some women will not back down regardless what you say to her, and they may engage in physically abusive behavior in the future. It is best to end the relationship if the verbal abuse does not stop.
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