How To Stop Virus Scan From Running

Knowing how to stop a virus scan from running is almost as important as having good security software to begin with. Dealing with computer viruses is a necessary evil for most of us, as it's hard to imagine life without your desktop or laptop computer. With viruses and malware becoming more prevalent each year, installing robust anti-virus software is more important than ever. Just as important as security software, though, is knowing how to properly use it. Far too many users install it, get frustrated when they don't know how to stop a virus scan from running, and angrily uninstall the very software that can protect them from viruses. If a virus scan is constantly running and slowing down your computer as you try to use it, learn why it's happening first and how you can remedy it without losing protection for your computer.

  1. The core feature of anti-virus software provided by leading security software vendors is the virus scanning function. This searches for and removes all known viruses and malware. When the virus scan is running, it basically searches all the files on your computer and compares them to a library of known viruses, flagging and removing those that match up.
  2. Due to the size of computer hard drives and all the countless files stored on them, scanning for viruses can take some time. The scan can take up to 30 to 45 minutes for some computers and uses up some of your computer's available system resources, which means that opening other programs or files can take much longer than normal. This is why computers sometimes "freeze" or "lag" when a virus scan is running and you're trying to use your computer, as it simply doesn't have enough resources to run everything smoothly.
  3. It's only natural to wonder how to stop a virus scan from running. It's very frustrating to need to use your computer but to be unable to because it's slow and laggy due to a virus scan running. The good news is that there's a happy medium that doesn't involve stopping a virus scan from running, and this option is available on all well-known anti-virus software packages.
  4. Instead of focusing on how to stop a virus scan from running, explore the scheduling tools that come with your software. These allow you to set certain times for a virus scan to run, so that it only runs at times when you're unlikely to be using your computer, such as late at night or early in the morning. Many anti-virus programs also have a feature you can enable that will monitor your computer and automatically delay or pause any virus scan if you're actively using your computer (and only resuming when the computer has been idle for quite some time).
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