How To Stop Xbox 360 Remote From Blinking

We can help you learn how to stop the Xbox 360 Remote from blinking. The Xbox 360 remote will start to blink if the batteries are going dead. This usually precedes the remote shutting off while you are using it. You will see the X on the remote blink a green light over and over again when this happens. Read on if this sounds like the issue you are having.

You will need:

  • Xbox 360 Remote
  • Two AA batteries
  • Xbox 360 Console
  1. The first thing we will try to stop the Xbox 360 remote from blinking is to change the batteries. Most often the Xbox 360 remote will blink when the batteries are about to die. The Xbox 360 remote takes AA batteries. The battery door is on the underside of the remote.
  2. After you put the batteries in, try the remote out on the Xbox 360 to make sure the blinking has stopped and the batteries are working. If the blinking has stopped, then your problem was dead batteries. If this has not helped, go to step 3.
  3. If after changing the batteries the Xbox 360 Remote still does not work, you may need to send it in to Microsoft. Sometimes the Xbox 360 Remotes will break from normal usage and will have to be repaired. Make sure to check several different set of batteries before deciding to send the Xbox 360 Remote in. The Xbox 360 Remote does not always work very well with rechargeable batteries, so if you are using them, try regular batteries first.
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