How To Stop Your Friend From Drinking Again

Some useful information to know is how to stop your friend from drinking again. You can't make a friend stop drinking unless they truly want to, but there are some things you can do that might help. Drinking comes with hazards and too much drinking may create dangerous, negative situations. Alcohol can be addicting and alcoholism is a very serious disease. For these reasons, it is definitely worthwhile to find ways to stop your friend from drinking again.

  1. Be someone they can talk to. Sometimes if you want to be the person that helps stop your friend from drinking again, all you have to do is be there when they need a friend. When doing this, it is important that you practice active listening. Truly hear what they have to say without interrupting. Not only that, but do not be judgmental when they tell you something you may not agree with.
  2. Help keep them busy or distracted. Another great way to keep your friend from drinking again is by keeping their mind off of alcohol. To do this, you need to keep them active. Make plans to do stuff. Some possible activities include things such as: sightseeing, shopping, playing a game of flag football, or going to see a movie. The goal is to make sure they have fun without the use of alcohol.
  3. Give encouragement. Sometimes people just need to hear praise for how well they are doing. It's kind of like positive reinforcement. If they have managed to make it a certain time without drinking, then they deserve to hear some praise for it. If they are tempted to drink, but you want to stop your friend from drinking again, encourage them not to. You don't want them to  ruin their efforts they have been putting forth in order to stop.
  4. Take away their alcohol. A fourth way to stop your friend from drinking again is to cut off their supply. This won't stop them from going to get more, but it can help send a message. If they have liquor that's hidden around their house, you can take it and dispose of it. They don't need to have the constant temptation around the house. Without the readily access to it, they may think longer and harder about it before they go to get more booze.
  5. Hold an intervention. This final way to stop your friends from drinking again might be a last resort. Sometimes people don't realize the true extent of their problems until they are confronted about them. If you decide to hold an intervention, don't take anything mean they may say personally. Chances are they will feel like they are being ganged up on, but in the end they will realize that you did it because you were being a good friend.



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