How To Stop Your Nagging Girlfriend

Figuring out how to stop your nagging girlfriend from constantly complaining doesn't have to require replacing her with a new girlfriend. A lack of communication may be motivating what you may deem as her petty tantrums. By following these steps, you may be able to nip the nagging right out of your relationship. 

  1. Is it worth the battle? Like it or not, your girlfriend might be nagging for a legitimate reason. Of course there are so many more pleasant forms of communication than nagging. But if you know she is right about your clothes being scattered everywhere, agree with her, and don't let it ruin your day.  
  2. Keep your promises. What you may perceive as a nagging girlfriend may just be her frustration with you constantly disappointing her. If you have to tape a note to your steering wheel about that next trip to the museum, do it.
  3. Nobody's perfect. Have a private discussion and explain to your girlfriend why her nagging bothers you. But don't make the conversation all about your needs. Ask your girlfriend if there is something deeper that she is nagging about that you should be aware of. Your willingness to improve could kill the complaints all together. 
  4. She needs a hug. Next time you want to stop your nagging girlfriend from complaining don't get mad, get romantic. By immediately going in for the unexpected sign of affection you may make her forget why she was upset to begin with. She might have just  had a really bad day. Your positive response will remind her that you love her, and whatever the issue is, it surely isn't bigger than love. 
  5. It's time for a talk. If you have continued to make a conscious effort to handle your responsibilities, keep your promises, and you have been more than understanding about your girlfriends nagging, ask her if your relationship needs a break. Your girlfriend could be nagging because she wants to change you into a person that you were never meant to be. Explain to her that in order to have a fulfilling relationship, you will both need to love each other for who you are.  


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