How To Store Baseball Cards

Anyone who has a baseball card collection should know how to store baseball cards correctly so that the cards can stay in as best condition as possible. Too many people just tie rubber bands around them or toss them loose into shoe boxes. But a baseball card’s value is just as much in the condition of the card as it is in the player that is depicted on the card. Follow these steps to learn how to store baseball cards correctly.

To store baseball cards, you will need:

  • Sports card soft sleeves and top loaders
  • Sports card storage boxes
  1. Place each of your baseball cards inside a sports card soft sleeve. This will prevent the front and back of the card from being damaged from handling.
  2. Protect your more valuable baseball cards by placing them hard plastic sports card top loaders after placing them in soft sleeves . This will ensure that the corners and edges of your more valuable baseball cards will remain undamaged when handled.
  3. Store your baseball cards upright-with the opening of the soft sleeve or top loader facing up-inside baseball card storage boxes. Use spacers to keep them from tipping over when you are transporting them.


  • When placing baseball cards in soft sleeves, rub the sleeve between your fingers to provide a small opening, then insert the card inside corner first.
  • Take great care to avoid dinging the corners while putting the baseball cards in sleeves.


  • Even cards that are in protective holders can be damaged by heat and humidity. Always store your baseball cards in a cool, dry place.
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