How To Store Board Games

It can be useful to learn how to store board games in order to prolong the life of your games and keep all the pieces safely together. In this article we will discuss where to store your board games, how to keep them organized and what to do to make set-up time for any game quick and easy.

To store board games, you will need:

  • Shelves or a bookcase
  • Sealable plastic bags
  • A plastic storage container
  • Rubber bands
  1. Categorize. If you have board games that are used solely by children, keep their games within reach. Store them on the bottom shelf of a bookcase, in a plastic storage container at the bottom of the closet, or on a low shelf. Other games can be categorized by theme, size or frequency of play.
  2. Organize. By keeping all the pieces inside the game box organized, you will never have to worry about lost game pieces again. Plastic bags or rubber bands are the perfect materials to use to keep your board games organized. If a game has playing cards, use a rubber band to keep them all together. If a game has dice, store the dice in a plastic bag. Not only is this a good idea for storage purposes, it will also make game set-up time go much faster.
  3. Prepare. Preparation is an important step in learning how to store board games. If a board game requires players to keep score, or write for any other reason, prepare the game by keeping pencils, or pens, and paper stored away in the game box. This will reduce game set-up time and prevent having to search for writing utensils or paper when it's time to play.
  4. Store. When learning how to store board games, location is essential. Never store board games in a basement, as they can become moist and acquire mildew growth. Don't store board games on high shelves or on top of bookcases, as this is not only inconvenient for those who can't reach them, but it can also cause a safety hazard. It's best to store board games at eye level (or lower for children) to prevent injury.
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