How To Store Champagne In A Hotel Room

If you've booked the perfect hotel and bought the champagne, then you've probably wondered how to store champagne in a hotel room. Many hotel rooms don’t offer an immediate solution, but there are several ways to keep the champagne at the perfect temperature until you’re ready to open it up.

  1. Seek out a mini-fridge. Even if you’re room isn’t equipped with a refrigerator when you arrive, chances are you can ask for one at the front desk. If they don’t immediately accommodate your request, tell them you have medications that need to be refrigerated. It’s only a little lie.

  2. Pack a cooler. If you planned ahead, bring along a couple coolers. Fill the cooler with a couple of ice packs or fill plastic bags with ice from the ice machine down the hall. Lay the champagne in the cooler and close it up until you're ready to enjoy it.

  3. Use the ice bucket. A small bottle of champagne can sit in the ice bucket and stay cold for awhile. Set the champagne bottle in the middle of the bucket and fill up the space around it with ice from the ice machine.

  4. Make your own ice bucket. The bathroom sink can easily become an impromptu large ice bucket. This works especially well if you’re dealing with multiple bottles or a bottle of champagne with a large base that doesn’t fit in the small ice bucket. Take a trip to the ice machine and fill up the sink, nestle the bottle down in the ice, and you’re ready to go. If you’re trying to keep it cold for more than a few hours, you’ll probably need to drain and refill the ice to keep it cold.

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