How To Store Luggage

It can be difficult to know how to store luggage. Suitcases are big, bulky and rectangular. They don’t always fit neatly in designated spaces.  Luggage can get in the way of everyday items when stored in frequently used spaces. Storing luggage is hard; but it can be done. Learn how to store luggage efficiently by following these five easy steps.

  1. Organize storage spaces. Closet spaces should be neatly divided. Use plastic storage bins, baskets, hangers, and shelving in order to create and save space. Suitcases can be placed on large shelves or in corners. Duffle bags and carry-on bags can be compacted and stored neatly inside of large plastic storage bins.
  2. Get rid of unused clothing, jewelry, and accessories. Storing luggage is simple when there isn’t a lot of it. Minimize the need for suitcases and bags by purging unused clothing and accessories. By getting rid of the items, fewer suitcases will be needed and there will also be more space for storage.  Get rid of pointless clutter and store suitcases efficiently.
  3. Think outside of the box. Suitcases are frequently stored underneath beds and inside closets. These are simple, convenient locations. Maximize storage capacity by using awkward spaces in utility closets, basements, garages and crawl spaces. Luggage can be stored in spaces with little elevation. Boats, canoes and old cars inside garages are also good places to store luggage. Use every inch of dead space!
  4. Store luggage in spaces where it will not get damaged. Luggage should remain dry and clean at all times. Be cautious of storing suitcases and bags in wet damp basements and closets.  Storing luggage is dry places helps in maintaining the quality.
  5. Place smaller pieces of luggage into larger ones. Most designer luggage sets can all be stored compactly into the largest piece.  Bags can also be stored inside empty luggage. An empty suitcase is wasted space.  Fill pieces of luggage to maximum capacity.  Store clothes that are out of season in empty suitcases in order to make extra space.
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