How To Store Onions

Like most produce, if you don't know how to store onions properly, they go bad quickly. A bad onion can range from sprouted and dry to rotted and wet – definitely not something you want lying around your kitchen. They might be cheap, but every wasted onion is money in the trash. Store onions correctly to save money and protect your kitchen from nasty odors.

  1. Select a dry location. Onions are incredibly susceptible to moisture. Even slight dampness can cause premature rotting or sprouting. Store onions in a cool, dry spot, such as a pantry or cabinet.
  2. Allow ventilation. If the airflow is bad, onions may begin to rot from their own moisture or become stale. Keep your onions in an area that allows some air movement.
  3. Hang them up. You can extend the life-span of your onions to up to 6 months by storing them in panty hose. Place the onions, one at a time, into the hose. Tie a knot after each onion.
  4. Avoid the sun. Sunlight affects most foods but is especially hard on onions. Expose your onions to too much sunlight and they’ll become bitter and tough. Keep them out of direct sunlight.
  5. Wrap up leftovers. The best way to store leftover onion slices is with plastic wrap in the coldest part of your fridge. You can put the wrapped onions in a zip-top bag to avoid spreading the odor.


A basement or cellar, if available, will best suite the cool, dry and dark location onions love.

Resources: Keep Onions Fresh  in Pantyhose How to Buy and Store Onions

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