How To Store Red Wine

Anyone interested in buying red wine should know how to store red wine. Not everyone has a wine cellar. Most of the time only wine experts have them. For most of us, a wine cellar is too expensive to put in and drinking red wine enough to need a wine cellar is next to impossible. When storing your red wine it's important what room you put it in and where you put in it the room.

Storing red wine is important. When buying red wine, you'll notice that the bottle is usually dark. This is to keep the light out. Light is bad for red wine because light will make the wine age prematurely and oxidize. Overly humid rooms tend to make mildew or mold grow on the bottle. Rooms that are not humid enough normally dry out the cork on the bottle. Getting the properly humid area is important. You want the temperature of the space to be around 55 degrees.

You'll need a few things for storing your red wine:

  • A wine refrigerator or a wine chiller. (Optional)
  • A dark room. Refrain from a room that is too humid, too bright, or too hot.

How to properly store red wine is as follows:

  1. Store your wine in a basement. Keep it away from any large appliances or hot water heaters. Keep it in a cool place in your basement. Keeping your wine in a dark space close to the floor in your basement is the most suggested. Wine kept this way can last up to two years.
  2. A closet is also a good place to store your red wine. Keep the wine close to the floor and away from light in the closet. Wine kept this way will stay good for over a year.
  3. Buy a wine refrigerator or wine chiller and store your wine in it. If drinking red wine is a done only on very special occasions, then buying a wine refrigerator is a fruitless buy. Wine refrigerators are good for someone who wants to get into wine, but doesn't have the space for a wine cellar. It's cheaper and can easily be set and forgotten about. Most require little maintenance.


  • Red wine is a wonderful drink that compliments almost any meal. Light red wines should be kept around 50 degrees, while other red wines should be kept around 60 degrees. Red wine usually is kept between 50 to 60 degrees.
  • Whenever it's suggested you keep wine at a room temperature, it's actually incorrect, red wine that gets too hot will develop an unpleasant bite. 
  • Keeping red wine is very easy and can be inexpensive. If you decide that you want to continue keeping red wine, it's suggested to get a wine refrigerator or a wine chiller to free up space in your closet or in your basement.
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