How To Store Tent Poles For An REI Quarter Dome Tent

Learning how to store the tent Poles for an REI quarter dome tent can help preserve your tent. Storing tent poles properly will allow a camper to get many years of use out of their tent. Actually, it doesn't take that long to store the tent poles. Follow these steps to learn how to store your REI quarter dome tent poles.

To store your store your REI quarter dome tent poles you will need:

  • a small bucket
  • mild soap
  • 5-6 soft cleaning rags
  • a large trash bag, or the storage bag that the tent poles came in
  • warm water


  1. Lay all of the tent poles out on the ground. Laying the tent poles on the ground is the easiest way to clean them before you store the REI quarter dome tent poles. Spread the tent poles far enough apart, so you can easily work around each pole.
  2. Wipe down the REI quarter dome tent poles with mild soap and water.  This is especially important if you have been camping outside where  the REI quarter dome tent poles have been exposed to a lot of dirt and debris. Cleaning the tent poles will help them from becoming corroded.
  3. Make sure the REI quarter dome tent poles are completely dry. Making sure the tent poles are completely dry will help keep them from rusting. Wiping a dry cloth over the tent poles with help remove any excesses moisture on them. Keeping them laying out in the sun for a couple hours will also help to ensure that they are completely dry.
  4. After the REI tent poles are completely dry fold them up and put them in a bag. The tent poles can be put in the storage bag or in a large trash bag. Most people like to use the bag that came with the tent, because it  can then easily fit into the tent bag. The important thing is that they are covered up.
  5. Put the bag with the tent poles in a dry place. It is best to keep the poles inside to keep them away from the elements. Even though the poles are covered up they can still get moisture on them if they are kept outside. Too much moisture on the poles can cause them to rust.

As long as you follow these guidelines your REI dome tent should last for many years. If you feel like your tent poles are not completely dry after you wipe them down and leave them in the sun then leave them in the sun a little longer to ensure they are completely dry.

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