How To Straighten Wavy Hair Without Hair Straightener

If you’re trying to learn how you straighten your wavy hair without a hair straightener, then you are in the right place! Straightening hair does not always have to be a hard job that takes hours on end to finish. In fact, there are ways now that you barely have to touch your hair to have it straight and can take just minutes.

To straighten wavy hair with out a hair straightener, you will need:

  • Straightening cream/serum
  • Brush
  • Blow dryer
  • Chemical hair straightener
  1. Depending on how wavy your hair is you may only need to use a little bit of straightening cream, but it will help smooth out the frizzies after any type of straightening. In most cases, even if you do not need more cream a quick blow dry can insure your straight locks. There are different brands of straightening cream that will work; some is for straight hair, wavy and even curly or frizzy hair. To choose your brand make sure you get something particular to your locks, and then try until you find your match. Everybody’s hair is different so some of our suggested creams might not work out for you, but for some ideas, start with Frizz Ease hair cream, Fantasia Frizz Buster Silk smooth hair, and Cutler straightening cream.
  2. Using a brush to straighten your wavy hair can be very helpful with the creams and blow dryers that you may be using. Even if you use a chemical hair straightener, you may need to brush out your hair straight. Getting the perfect brush is the difficult part, knowing that there are thousands of different brush brands and styles you have to be careful not to chose the wrong one, so if your without any ideas try the flat paddle brush, and see how that works for you!
  3. Choosing the perfect blow dryer to straighten your hair rather then a hair straightener will also be a tough task. As said before, all hair is different so choosing the correct hair dryer may take a lot of research. If you have yet found one for yourself, hear are some suggestions: The Tourmaline Professional, and Revlon Tourmaline Ionic.
  4. There are several chemical hair straighteners you can use that will straighten your wavy hair without a hair straightener. Some of these chemicals can last for months and months, as other may only last a couple days to a week. Some of your choices start with Thermal Reconditioning, which is a long-term straightening choice; there is also the Brazilian Keratin Treatment. Chemically straightening the hair can cause some damage to your locks, but if you were straightening with other heating elements, you may cause the same damage.

Straightening wavy hair without a hair straightener can be more difficult, but it is possible. If you get the right items to work with, that work with your hair, you will be fine without using a straightener.

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