How To Straighten Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is a look that some guys can carry off with no problem, but for others, knowing how to straighten wavy hair is the only way to deal with it short of cutting it all off. So what do you do if you're a guy with a head full of waves and all you really want is to go straight? Whether you want to lose the wave permanently or you just want to straighten your wavy hair for the day, there are several options to consider.

What you'll need to straighten wavy hair:

  • A straight perm or relaxer
  • Straightening gel, mousse or spray
  • A flat iron
  1. Go with the chemicals. If you're after a more permanent way to straighten wavy hair, or if your hair is very thick or coarse in texture, you may want to consider having your hair straightened by the use of a straight perm or relaxer. While you may find kits in local hair supply stores, straightening your hair by using chemicals can be damaging to both your hair and scalp and is best left to the professionals.
  2. Buy a flat iron. Another way to straighten wavy hair is with the use of a flat iron. Don't let the notion that a flat iron is for women stop you from using it. Far from being a tool used only by the opposite sex, it is quite common for men to straighten their curls and waves using this method. Use one that is suitable for the length and texture of your hair. Ceramic flat irons are popular for their heat and ability to provide smooth, shiny results.
  3. Use the right heat activated products. On their own, straightening mousse, gels or sprays won't do much by way of taming the waves, but coupled with the heat of a flat iron or blow dryer and brush, these products provide the protection needed to safely and smoothly straighten wavy hair.
  4. A blow dryer and brush or comb attachment. Depending on the length of your wavy locks, using a blow dryer with an attachment or flat brush along with a straightening cream or mousse will do the trick in smoothing out waves.


  • Straightening your wavy hair with chemicals isn't as permanent as you might think. Once your hair starts to grow that new hair will be as wavy as before.
  • Be cautious of any scalp sensitivity when straightening wavy hair with the use of chemicals. Fully discuss any concerns or allergies with your hair professional.
  • Always use a flat iron on clean, dry hair for the best results.
  • When flat ironing your hair, always work in small sections for the smoothest effect.
  • Always use hair products that protect the hair from the intense heat of flat irons to prevent damage such as split ends.
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