How To Stream Audio From PC To Stereo Receiver

Need to know how to stream audio from a PC to stereo receiver? Streaming audio from a PC to a stereo receiver is a great way to listen to your music. There are a few ways to do this with different devices. One way is to use an Apple AirPort Express mobile base station. This is a common way to connect a stereo and a PC wirelessly. You can also use a wired connection with this device. Using a free application from Apple, you can even change the song from your iPod touch or iPhone without returning to the computer. Follow these steps to learn how to stream audio from a PC to a stereo receiver.

To stream audio from a PC to stereo receiver you will need:

  • Apple AirPort Express
  • Wireless network or ethernet cable
  • Stereo with audio in port
  1. Plug in the Apple AirPort Express into a power outlet near the stereo. Connect an audio cable from the audio port on the AirPort Express to the audio in port on your stereo. If your stereo has a different sized audio port than the 3.5 mm one on the AirPort Express, you will need to use an adapter to connect it. 
  2. Plug in an ethernet cable from the AirPort Express to your computer or wireless router for a wired connection. For a wireless connection, connect the AirPort Express to your existing home network, or use a computer with a wireless network adapter to connect directly to the AirPort Express.
  3. Connect to the AirPort Express with your computer as directed in the manual to run the setup with the AirPort utility. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  4. Open iTunes and play the music to your stereo. There should be a pop up in the lower right corner after you run the Airport utility.
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