How To Stream Live Audio

When learning how to stream live audio you will realize that there are many different ways to stream live audio. Learning how to stream live audio does not require much more than an Internet connection, computer and some audio to broadcast. Learning how to stream live audio is possible on all major operating systems including Windows, Linux and Mac. There are many free services that allow you to stream live audio and make the process much easier. One of the best applications to stream live audio is called SHOUTcast and can be downloaded and installed free.

  1. Download SHOUTcast. Visit the official SHOUTcast website to download SHOUTcast. Select the "Download" button next to the proper operating system on the download page to download SHOUTcast to stream live audio.
  2. Install SHOUTcast. Follow the instructions on the on-screen installer, continue to click next and finally finish to complete the installation of SHOUTcast.
  3. Setup content. Navigate to the SHOUTcast installation directory at "C:\Program Files\SHOUTcast". Open the "Content" folder and copy files there to stream live audio.
  4. Launch SHOUTcast. Launch SHOUTcast from the program shortcut. SHOUTcast will stream live audio located in the "Content" folder once the server application is open.
  5. Customer configuration. Select "Edit Config" from the SHOUTcast server window. Modify any settings in the config file that will open. Read the description for each line to learn how to modify it. Save and close the config file to complete any changes, the SHOUTcast server will automatically restart.


  • Remember to have a good amount of content if you wan to stream live audio.
  • An ample Internet connection will be required to stream live audio. 1MB is recommended as the minimum Internet connection although it is possible with 512Kbps.
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