How To Strengthen Butt Muscles

It is easy to learn how to strengthen butt muscles, you just have to spend a lot of time in the gym to do it. Working out to strengthen butt muscles requires you to lift some heavy weights at times, so you might want to buy a weight belt to protect your back. If you exercise properly and consistently you should be happy with the results.

To strengthen butt muscles you need:

  • Weights
  • Workout program
  1. Squats are a great exercise to strengthen butt muscles. For squats you should wear a weight belt to support your back. Unless you have weights at home you need to belong to a gym to do squats. Put the barbell up on the squat rack and add some weight to it. Once you are in position, to strengthen butt muscles try to bend down until your thighs go past parallel. As you stand back up, you will work your butt muscles.
  2. Hamstring curls can strengthen butt muscles. This is another exercise to try at the gym. Lie on the hamstring curl bench on your stomach and lift your legs up behind you to work your butt muscles. Use enough weight on the machine to let you do ten repetitions.
  3. Lunges using dumbbells help to strengthen butt muscles. This exercise works one side at a time. Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Step forward and then bend your opposite leg until your knee is close to the floor. Do the other side in the same manner. If you can do this exercise for ten repetitions you will  strengthen your butt muscles.
  4. Leg presses at an angle can strengthen butt muscles. During this exercise you sit at an angle with your feet higher than your head. When you press the weight up you work your legs and butt muscles. This is another exercise where you might need the weight belt for your back, especially if you lift with heavy weights.
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