How To Stress Paint On Vintage Guitar

Many musicians wonder how to stress the paint on a vintage guitar. It's not surprising why this is such a common question. The distressed look of a vintage guitar makes any musician look experienced and unique. There are many ways to stress the paint on a vintage or modern guitar, but many of those techniques can cause damage to the instrument or create a stressed paint look that is not authentic. This guide will explain how to do it in a way that is highly effective and completely safe for your instrument.

To stress the paint on a vintage guitar, you will need:

  • Your guitar
  • Fine grit sandpaper
  • Direct sunlight
  • A freezer
  1. The first step towards distressing the paint of a vintage guitar is rubbing it down with sandpaper. If you're going for a realistically distressed look than you will want to use the sandpaper in areas that would normally get a lot of wear and tear. This probably includes the sides of the neck and the area above and below the strings of the guitar.
  2. If you want an even more distressed look, you can leave your guitar in the sun until it becomes very hot.
  3. Next, place your guitar immediately in a freezer to stress the paint. You may need a large deep freezer as a guitar will not fit in most people's home freezers.
  4. After a few moments, take your guitar out of the freezer.  You will notice that the extreme change in temperature stressed the paint on your vintage guitar.
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