How to Stretch After Walking

Anyone who walks on a regular basis must know how to stretch after walking. Stretching after walking is crucial to cooling down and allows the muscles to release tension. Here are eight different stretches you can do to make sure you're not sore the next day:

  1. Hamstring Stretch. Hamstring stretch is a necessary stretch after walking. You have to extend the leg with the heel positioned on the floor, toes pointing upright. Just as if touching the toes, you bend over and touch the toes until you feel a slight pressure. Hold it, release, and repeat the process on the next leg.
  2. Calf Stretch. Calf Stretch is an added stretch after walking where you must carry the leg backward, with the hands holding the leg until you feel the pull of the muscle. Relax and repeat.
  3. Neck Relaxer. Neck Relaxer releases tension in the neck muscle. If not relieved, you can cause neck stiffness. Rolling the head and pivoting it around, forward, and backward are useful stretches after walking.
  4. Groin Stretch. You perform groin stretches after walking by widening legs (standing with them apart), with one right foot planted ahead of the other and moving on the left side. 
  5. Leg Swings. Leg swing is another simple stretch after walking. You must support yourself on a wall or chair and sway the legs back and forth, side to side.
  6. Arm Circles. Arm circling is a stretch executed after walking where the arms are extended to the side as if in flight. Move the arms in a whirling fashion as if drawing circles in the air.
  7. Toe Points. Toe Points is an activity that stretches the feet after walking and aids in de-stressing the worked muscles. You must stand up the right leg and move the left ankle and toes rotating and pointing them forward.
  8. Squats. Squatting is an easy stretching exercise after walking where you can stoop and stand. You can vary the exercise a bit by jumping in a squatting position.

That's it! If you're sore after walking, these exercises will have you feeling refreshed and ready to walk again.


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