How To Stretch Boots For High Arch Feet

Lack of choices forces men to learn how to stretch boots for high arch feet. The boot is priced right—fabulous color and style—it fits perfectly, except for across the arch. The sales clerk says it'll stretch, but after a few days, the boot doesn't stretch enough to accommodate a high arch. There are some options to get a better fit.

The medical term for a high arch is Cavus foot, and in addition to making it hard to buy boots, high arched feet can lead to a variety of signs and symptoms, such as pain and instability, so it's important to get a proper fitting boots.

The technical term for the area of the boot, where the high arch touches is Vamp; also referred to as instep. This area of the boot needs stretched to supply comfort for the high arch. There are three options for stretching boots to fit a high arch.

To stretch boots for high arch feet, you will need:

  • Leather conditioner
  • Boot stretching spray
  • Padding

Vamp (Instep) stretcher:

  1. Option one for stretching boots for a high arch begins with rubbing the inside and outside of the boot with a leather conditioner available from a shoe store.  After the boots dry, add some padding to the top of your foot like a couple of large band-aids stacked, then walk around in the boots several times to see if they stretch enough to be comfortable.
  2. Option two for stretching boots for a high arch begins with the leather conditioner.  Follow the leather conditioner with a shoe stretching liquid in the area that needs stretched. Insert the vamp (instep) stretcher and adjust the tension. Leave the stretcher in for 24 hours (check fit-repeat if necessary)
  3. Option three for stretching boots for a high arch requires professional help.  Take your boots to a shoe repair shop. The proprietor possesses the expertise and the equipment to stretch the boots to your satisfaction.  


  • It is not possible to "un-stretch" a shoe.
  • Some shoe stretching liquids may cause the dye on shoe to fade. Test a small area to see if the dye fades or runs.
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