How To Stretch Hands For Guitar Playing

It might seem unnecessary, but it's extremely important to know how to stretch your hands for guitar playing. Not only will this help the speed of your fingers, it will also help their dexterity. You will be able to move among different frets more easily and you will be able to stretch to notes that would otherwise be difficult to reach. The best thing about knowing how to stretch your hands for guitar playing is that your fingers won't be sore after long periods of time. So, before you pick up the guitar next time, try these exercises first:

  1. Pull Back Each Finger. One by one, stretch each finger. Use the index finger of the opposite hand to press the fingers back, until you can feel the stretch. Hold each finger like this for fifteen or twenty seconds, then switch hands.
  2. The Air Type. After you've stretched your fingers, pretend to type in the air as fast as you can for about a minute. This will finish the finger stretches and get the blood circulating to your fingertips.
  3. Roll Your Wrists. It might feel weird at first, but it's important to roll your wrists, too. Move them in a clockwise motion a few times, then roll in a counter clockwise motion.
  4. Crack Each Finger. Some people might not like to do this because it's basically like cracking your wrists, but it will greatly help your finger positioning on the frets. Put your hand into a fist, with the thumb sticking out. Press each finger just above the knuckle with the heel of your hand. Do this to each finger, on both hands, for fifteen to twenty seconds each.
  5. Start Playing.

These exercises won't take longer than five minutes and you'll certainly notice a difference in your flexibility. If you start to stretch your hands for guitar playing each time, you will be able to play better, faster, and longer.

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