How To Stretch Jeans

Knowing how to stretch jeans that are just a little too snug requires very little effort. The 100 percent cotton jeans are a little easier to stretch because cotton does not have a "memory" and naturally conform to a person's body. Today, 90 percent of all jeans are woven with a stretch fiber like spandex, which makes the jeans more comfortable, but a little harder to stretch. So, take those designer jeans that you've tucked in the back of your closet because they are snug and apply this simple method to stretch jeans by using some ordinary household products.

Things you will need:

  • Board or wooden hangar
  • Spray bottle filled with water
  • Iron
  1. Wash your jeans on cold in the washing machine on the normal cycle. Always use cold water to wash your jeans. They won't shrink and will keep fading to a minimum.
  2. While wet, insert both arms up to the elbows inside the waistband and hip area. Make sure the zipper and button of your wet jeans are closed securely. Pull your arms apart as hard as you can. Repeat several times to stretch jeans in the hip area.
  3. Insert both arms up to your elbows into the left leg of your jeans. Pull your arms apart as hard as possible to stretch jeans in the upper thigh area. Repeat several times to stretch jeans in leg area. Do the same to the right leg of jeans using this same method.
  4. Take a wooden board that is about an inch wider than the waistband on your jeans and pull the buttoned waistband over the board. If a board is not available, find another flat object. For example, you can use a cookie sheet or cutting board from your kitchen drawer as long as it is slightly larger than the waistband on your jeans. Waistbands are difficult to stretch out because of the way the fabric is cut. Make sure the zipper and button are closed securely. Let your jeans hang dry with the board inside the waistband.
  5. Turn your jeans inside out. When ironing a dark cotton, it is better to iron inside out to prevent leaving unsightly iron stains.
  6. Spray your jeans lightly with water and iron using the cotton setting on the iron. Hold your jeans taut while slowly running the iron over the misted material to stretch jeans. Use this same method on the rise front and back to stretch jeans.

This method will stretch jeans from half to a full size larger depending on the percentage of spandex in the fabric.

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