How To Stretch The Knees In Jeans

How to stretch the knees in jeans is actually easier than it sounds. No matter your reason for wanting to stretch the knees in jeans these simple steps will have your jeans fitting you better in no time. The process use to stretch the knees in your jeans is the same as stretching jeans as a whole

To stretch the knees in jeans, you will need:

  • Water mist bottle
  • Jeans you want to stretch
  • Washing machine

Method One:

  1. Tumbling dry jeans is a major culprit of shrinking jeans.  If your jeans have been dried simply put them on and make it through the tightness for a little while you’re stretching them out.
  2. Mist the knee’s of the jeans with your water bottle.  You do not want to soak your jeans but you want them to be damp enough that they will stretch out during the next step.
  3. Squats and Knee Bends. Yes, there is exercise involved, but the good news is you don’t have to do a lot.  While you’re wearing your damp kneed jeans you will want to do a couple of leg bends and squats this will put pressure against the fabric around the knees. Because they are damp, you will be able to stretch the knees.
  4. Wearing your jeans while they dry. This is exactly why you didn’t want to soak them above as you will now be wearing your jeans until they dry. 

Method two to stretch the knees in jeans:

  1. Wash your jeans in cold water.  This prevents shrinkage; warm water tends to shrink clothing just as much as a hot dryer.
  2. Let your clothing be line dried.  By washing in cold water and then line drying your jeans, you'll prevent them from shrinking and keep your basic body shape in your jeans. If you are worried about the jeans being hard (which typically can happen when you line dry jeans) lightly mist them with a water bottle that is a mixture of one part fabric softener and ten parts water.

Your jeans will now be back to a comfortable level where you can wear them.  Keep in mind, though, if you continuously stretch the knees in jeans it will result in the fabric breaking down and the knees eventually wearing through; resulting in tears or holes.

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