How to Stretch Before Lifting Weights

When working towards building muscle mass, it’s important to know how to stretch before lifting weights. Stretching allows muscles to work to their fullest potential, while also preventing serious injury.  Never lift weights with cold muscles.

  1. Jog on a treadmill. Because you never want to stretch cold muscles, this is an important step that can’t be skipped when learning how to stretch before lifting weight. For people with joint pain, replace jogging with riding a bicycle.
  2. After warming up, lay on mat with one knee bent. Raise the unbent leg and grasp with hands around the thigh. Keep your knee straight and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat this stretch on the opposite leg. Use this technique when working on your hamstring muscle.
  3. Lie on mat face down with hands extended in front of you. Simultaneously raise arms and legs into the air and hold for fifteen seconds. Repeat three times. When learning how to stretch before lifting weights, this is an important exercise that focuses on your abdominal muscles.
  4. Standing three feet from a wall, step forward with your left foot, keeping your right foot anchored. Lean your upper body forward, keeping a straight line from the heel of your right foot to the top of your head. Repeat this stretch on opposite leg. Use this step to stretch your calf muscles.
  5. Standing straight, clasp your hands behind your back and turn palms upward. Straighten elbows and raise arms.  Hold for fifteen seconds.  Use this biceps stretch when first learning how to stretch before lifting.


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