How To Stretch Out A Wetsuit

Need to know how to stretch out a wetsuit? Sometimes we buy our wetsuits too small because of the pressure of everyone telling us that it needs to fit tightly against the body. Well, sometimes tight can be too tight. Reverse that problem by stretching out your wetsuit to create a perfectly-fitting suit.

  1. Make sure your wetsuit is dry. The drier the wetsuit, the more it will be able to stretch. Fortunately, wetsuits are made out of neoprene. Neoprene is a very stretchy material, especially when it is dry. But neoprene loses its elasticity a couple of months after its manufacturing, so make sure that your wetsuit is not old. If so, you may or may not be able to get results with this method.
  2. Use your hands to stretch out the areas that may be too tight for you. You would need to apply steady, slow motion to stretch out the wetsuit. If you use too much force, then the wetsuit could possibly rip. Do stretching sessions with your hands. Grab one side of one section with one hand, followed by the opposite side with the other hand. Stretch the sections apart from each other (either left to right or up and down) until the fabric becomes wider and suitable for your size. Do this with each section that needs it.
  3. Try the wetsuit on. After you have done all of the stretching, try the wetsuit on. If it fits, then you have successfully stretched out the wetsuit. If not, then you will need to repeat step two until the wetsuit is stretched out and a suitable size for you.
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