How To Stretch Snowboard Boots

Most snowboarding boots are tight when you first buy them, probably leaving you wondering how to stretch your snowboard boots. Even snowboarding boots that fit you perfectly when you buy them in the boardshop will feel differently after a day of snowboarding at the mountain. You should still make sure that you get the best fitting snowboard boots possible when you are in the store. This will make it easier to stretch them.

  1. Figure out what part of your boots needs stretching. If you are new to snowboarding, you should know that you don't want your snowboarding boots to stretch out too much. The fit should be snug, but it shouldn't cut off your circulation. Also, most snowboarding boots won't stretch lengthwise. You can stretch the width, but if your toes are smashed up against the front of the boot, there is not much you can do.
  2. Wear your snowboarding boots. The easiest way to stretch your snowboarding boots is to wear them. Your snowboarding boots will gain more volume over time as you wear them. Walk around your house in them for 30 minutes. You can even pretend you are snowboarding.
  3. Take your snowboarding boots to a boardshop. If you go back to the boardshop where you purchased your snowboarding boots, they will often stretch your boots for you for free. Other locations might charge you.

Comfortable snowboarding boots are a must when spending long, cold day on the mountain. Wearing your boots before hitting the slops will not only give your boots a good stretch, but make them a lot more comfortable.

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