How To Stretch The Trapezius

Trying to get the hang of how to stretch the trapezius can be attainable with a little diligence. While stretching areas of the body, it is especially important to work on all of your muscles, including the trapezius.

To stretch the trapezius, you will need:

  • comfortable clothes
  • chair
  1. Understand the trapezius. The trapezius is one of the two flat triangular muscles of the shoulder and upper back. These muscles are involved in moving the arms and shoulders. It is good to stretch the trapezius anytime you are lifting weights. Stretching the trapezius would also be beneficial after a long swim. Be sure to dress comfortably while completing any stretches.
  2. Perform the shoulder stretch. Stand up straight. Keep your legs shoulder width apart. Lift your right hand straight up in front of you. Next reach your right hand over to your left shoulder. Take your left hand and push your right elbow until you feel a stretch. Do not over exert your muscle or put strain on it. Hold this stretch for a few seconds. You will then need to complete this exact same stretch on the left arm. This not only stretches the trapezius, but also the deltoid muscles.
  3. Perform the upper trapezius stretch. Sit in a chair. You will need to be sitting straight up. Relax your shoulders and bring your chin down towards your right collar bone. Be sure that you are not rounding your upper back while doing this. Now turn your head left. Only turn it slightly, so that you do not strain your muscles. Hold this position for at least 20 seconds. You should be feeling a pull on the left side of your neck. To maximize the trapezius stretch, perform it at least three times on both sides.
  4. Perform a leaning stretch. Standing straight up, place your right arm behind you. Next reach your right hand over to your left side. While your right hand is on your left side, place your left arm straight down. Then lean to the left. While leaning, also lean your head to the left. Hold the stretch for about 15 seconds. Repeat these steps on the other side. You should feel tension being released when stretching the trapezius muscle.



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