How To String Football Pants

Need to know how to string football pants? Stringing football pants is just like stringing a tennis shoe. It is important that the pants are tight enough so they will stay on, but not too tight to where they will be uncomfortable to wear. Here are some simple steps on how to string football pants.

  1. Take the string and run them through the holes closest to the crotch. From there size up the string on both sides to make sure they are equal length.
  2. Take the string and loop it through the opposite side. This means the string on the left side should go to the nearest hole through the right, and the right would go through the left. After each are looped make sure to hold the strings up so they continue to be equal distance.
  3. Repeat step two until you reach the top. From there, the player would put the pants on and tie them in a bow, like a shoestring. This is done by taking the strings and forming an "X" in the middle of both, then looping the right on the underside of the "X" pulling the strings tightly. From there the player would form a loop by taking the left string and running it around their right index finger. Then they would take the right string wrap it around the loop and then go underneath to form the other loop.
  4. After this the player is going to want to move around to make sure the pants fit well. Running, squatting and jumping are good tests to see if the pants are too loose or too tightly strung. If the player’s actions are limited due to tightness, this means the pants may need to be re-strung. It is important that the player has enough flexibility or they could run the risk of injury.
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