How To String A Lacrosse Head

Many athletes ask themselves how to string a lacrosse head effectively, since there are many problems that can occur during the process. The most common one is that the strings, after a while, get loosened up. This will affect your playing and your performance on the field. It’s important for you to learn how to string a lacrosse head on your own since you’re the one who knows your needs best and the performance of your stick.

Materials you'll need to string a lacrosse head:

  • Lacrosse Stick
  • Net
  • Strings
  1. Top of the head. Locate the holes on the top of the lacrosse head. You’re going to start stringing the net on the top right side of it. Put the net and tie it with the chord to the first hole. This is your base, and you’re going to continue working clockwise. Make a tight knot with the string and secure the net on the top right hole.
  2. Tying the net Tight. Now you have to start making the right type of knot in the other holes. The knot required on a lacrosse head is made by passing the string through one hole to the back of the lacrosse head, and then passing it behind, not through the hole, but through the net and then passing it one more time towards the other side. This will secure the net tightly so it won’t get loose. Always pull on the string as much you can. Repeat this procedure until you’ve filled all the top holes of the head.
  3. Sides of the head. Now that the net is held up tight at the bottom of the head, it's time to tie it to the remaining holes on the sides of the head. You have to make the same type of knot you made in step two. When you arrive to the middle of each side, where the head has the curvature, you’ll have to put special care to the knot, since this will give the form and consistency to the lacrosse head. When you arrive to this point you have to pass the string through the back of the head, then pass it back through the net and go back one more time. This time pass it through the opening of the chord so you have a triple enforced knot.
  4. Bottom of the head. Stringing the bottom of the head is the easiest part. Just continue with the previous procedure until you have reached the last holes of the head. That’s where you’ll make the final knot. When you arrive there, just pull the string and make a knot like you did on step 3. Then to re-enforce it by making a regular knot on the lacrosse stick.
  5. Almost Done. Now that the stringing is all done, shape your lacrosse head. In order to do this, you have to put your fist into the head like if you were hitting it. This will prove the resistance of your head and will give the semi-rounded form that it regularly has. Now you’re done and ready to play.
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