How To String A Recurve Bow

Want to know how to string a recurve bow? There are basically two methods of stringing a recurve bow one can use, the old way and the safe way. The old way works, no doubt about it, but it is a quick way to wreck a fine bow in the blink of an eye. The new way involves the use of a stringer and is the much safer of the two methods.  Here, we will show you how to string a recurve bow using the new method, which employs the use of a stringer.

Items needed to string a recurve bow:

  • Recurve bow
  • Bow string
  • Bow stringer

The process of stringing a recurve bow:

  1. Setup bow. Set up the bow for stringing by placing the larger loop of the bow string over the top limb of the bow and slip it down a ways on the limb. Place the small loop on the string onto the string notch on the bottom limb and place it along the string groove which will run along the inside of the limb. The limb tip will  recurved facing outward.
  2. Attach stringer. Follow the directions for the stringer and attach stringer to the bow. Slip one end of the stringer on the bottom limb tip, over the string notch. Usually there will be a long pouch and shorter pouch on the stringer. The longer pouch usually goes on the bottom limb. Attach top of stringer to the upper limb. The stringer will be attached so that it hangs down in the opposite direction the limb tips point. The limb tips should point upwards and the stringer be positioned on the other side of the limbs.
  3. String bow.  With most stringers the following will hold true, if it does not with yours, follow their specific instructions. With the limb tips of the bow facing upwards,  place your foot on the string of the stringer and pull upwards, flexing the bow upwards and curving the limbs down. Slid the bow string up the top limb until it settles around the string notch. Make sure the string is laying in the string groove on the back of the limb and slowly let the bow down until the string takes the complete tension of the bow. Make sure the top and bottom loops are securely in the string grooves before moving on to next step.
  4. Remove stringer. Remove the bow stringer and place it back in its bag. Try not to get it in knots as they are hard to get out later.
  5. Draw bow. Draw the bow as if to shoot it. Watch the string to insure it does not slip.

That is how you safely string a recurve bow. Shoot safely, and enjoy the beautiful sport which is traditional archery in this age of compound bows.

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