How To String A Tennis Racquet

Learn everything you need to know about how to string a tennis racquet. Knowing how to string a tennis racquet is just as important as knowing how to play tennis and is a vital part of keeping your game strong. There are two ways to string a tennis racquet: you can either take it to a professional or string it yourself. Learning how to string a tennis racquet will give you more control over the tension that you have in your tennis racquet and save you a few bucks in the process.

  1. Measure your string. You should measure your string according to the kind of tennis racquet that you have. Most tennis racquets will be either a one-piece or two-piece tennis racquet. If your tennis racquet is a one-piece, you will need about 40 feet of string to string your racquet. If you are working with a two-piece tennis racquet, you will need about 20 feet of string.
  2. Start stringing the mains. The mains are the vertical holes that are in your tennis racquet. To string your tennis racquet, insert your string into a main hole at the bottom of the racquet and pull the string upward. Pull it out of the top hole. Then, insert the string into the next hole in a downward motion. Repeat this process until you have filled all of your mains with sting. When stringing your mains be sure that you skip any of the horizontal holes. These holes will be dealt with when you are done with your mains. Stinging the mains first provides the foundation when you string a tennis racquet. If you want your tennis racquet to have a lot of tension, make sure your string is always pulled tight. If you want your tennis racquet to have less tension, allow some slack when stringing your mains.
  3. Tie off your string. When you are done stringing the mains, tie off the remaining string with a knot. Tie the knot as close to the edge of your final main and as tight as possible. A knot that is tied tight and close to the tennis racquet will make sure that your mains don't come loose and provide an anchor for you to string your racquet.
  4. String your cross strings. Insert the string into the horizontal hole at the top of your tennis racquet. Then, slide the sting over the top of the first main string and under the next main string. When you get to the end of one side, insert your string in the next hole going in the opposite direction. Weave the string in the same over and under pattern. Using this over-under method to string the tennis racquet will create the weave pattern that you need to create tension in the stings. When you are done with the all of the cross strings, tie them off with a knot that is tight and close to the racquet.
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