How To Structure A Catering Sales Salary

When determining how to structure a catering sales salary, remember that such a salary should be based on the catering company itself. If the company is a relatively new company, avoid base salaries when structuring sales salary until the sales staff proves they can book events. After that evidence has helped supply a healthy income for the business, add base salary potential when you structure your catering sales salary.

To structure a catering sales salary, you will need:

  • Knowledge of the finances of the company
  • A sales staff that is willing to work on commission
  1. Structure your catering sales salary on commission only to start. That commission can be a flat fee or a percentage of the revenue produced by each event booked. If it's based on the cost of the event, set one percentage for commission up to a certain cost of the event. Once the event is above that cost threshold, offer a higher percentage as a bonus for booking high-revenue events.
  2. Offer bonuses based on volume when you structure a catering sales salary. Determine your goal for how many events each salesperson should book each month. Award a bonus to those that exceed that amount. As an example, if your goal is fifteen events per salesperson, offer a $100 bonus for each event above fifteen. This will encourage your sales team to increase their sales volume.
  3. Offer the opportunity to earn a base salary when you set up the catering sales salary. This should be reserved for your most consistent producers. If a salesperson books at least fifteen events per month for six months in a row, offer a small salary on top of his commission as a reward. This production is reviewed every three months. If the salesperson's average drops below fifteen events per month, the base salary option is removed until his next three-month review.
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