How To Strum An Electric Guitar

It is quite easy to learn how to strum an electric guitar. It is also no different than an acoustic guitar. Here are some basic considerations to take into account to learn how to strum an electric guitar.

  1. If applicable, press down on the fretboard where appropriate. You may want to begin to learn how to strum an electric guitar when playing open strings. You can also try to strum certain notes and chords by applying your non-dominant hand to the fretboard, holding down the appropriate strings as needed.
  2. Strum straight down on the strings. To learn how to strum, simply take the pick (or a fingernail or finger, if you prefer) and move downwards on the strings with your dominant hand. You can also strum upwards as well, which will be needed as you progress in your ability to play the electric guitar. This makes up the basic dimension of strumming in the motion on the appropriate strings to play a note or chord.
  3. Learn some chords to strum. Start with some basic open chords, such as E and C, to practice strumming. This will get you used to changing your non-dominant hand's position on the fretboard while you strum.
  4. Work on strumming along to basic songs. You can easily choose basic songs to strum along to; there are several songs that use just a few chords. Work on these to get used to timing and strumming, which will enhance your guitar-playing skills as you change notes on the fretboard to produce different chords. In no time, you will get used to strumming along.
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