How To Style African American Men With Fine Hair

How to style African American men with fine hair is best done by a stylist who knows how to style and care for black hair, since the texture is different from most different races of men. Any male with fine hair wears the following styles, so if you want a change to your look, read this article.

  1. Dreadlocks. African American men with fine hair who dare to stand out from the rest usually wear dreadlocks. Dreadlocks are considered by some to be dirty at first glance—but, as long as the person takes proper care of their dreadlocks, that is a false impression. To successfully obtain this look, take different sections of the hair and make it into twists. To maintain this look, visit a natural hair care salon and make sure to shampoo, and use natural hair oils such as jojoba oil for moisturizing to keep it healthy. Dreadlocks also work for both short hair and longhaired men.
  2. Afro. The afro was popular in the late sixties and throughout the seventies; African American men everywhere rocked the afro for a long time. Shorter afros or bigger afros were worn by men with fine hair and if you want this look, grow hair to the neck or longer and use a fine tooth picked comb to pick the hair out. For a nice shaped afro, visit a barbershop to keep it looking well kept.
  3. Cornrows. This look is common for many African American men, particularly the younger ones. Cornrows are very versatile and worn not only straight and vertical, but can be designed symmetrically too given it a unique look. Go to a professional hair braider for perfect cornrows. Out of all the hairstyles, this look needs the utmost care as it tends to become frizzy after a couple weeks of wearing it,.  To keep it looking fresh and frizz free, it needs to be frequently rebraided .Care for this style on your own and buy a braiding spray and a silk scarf to wear at night to minimize the frizz.
  4. Short and simple haircut. This hairstyle is common among African American men, anyone from coarse to fine hair can achieved this style. This cut suits any occasion (even from your job to the club). To get this look, keep your sides and back tapered and have a clean and sharp hairline to complete the style. You can add designs at the back of your hair or sides for a different look. Maintain this hairstyle by keeping it shampooed and conditioned. Another African American short hairstyle is 360 waves, you can obtain the style with the proper hair care products (shampoos, texturizers, a proper men's hair brush, etc.) which create waves or make natural waves without adding chemicals to your hair. Both of these looks need a touch up after a few weeks.
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