How To Style Curly Hair

Learn how to style curly hair if you've been struggling to find a look thats right for you. You may think women prefer guys with straight hair, but there are women out their who also like the guys with curly hair as long as you keep it manageable, soft and under control. Embrace your curls and find out the best ways to work with it. You could find your next girlfriend tousling your short manly curls or simply combing her fingers through it. That under-control curly hair could also set you apart from all the other men if you handle your hair right.

What you need for your curls:

  • Wide-toothed comb
  • Leave in conditioner
  • Your favorite oil
  • Styling mouse or gel if desired
  1. Getting the right comb. For curly haired guys, it's better to have a thicker, wide-toothed comb to groom your curly hair. If you use one of those combs that come in a package of other thinner combs, it's horrible on your hair.
  2. Using leave-in. Just before you are done in the shower, put in a little leave in conditioner to give added moisture to your curly hair style. You don't have to do this, but it helps to eliminate frizz and keep your curls in good shape.
  3. Oiling the curls. Another really good way to help style your hair is to oil the curls. Using your favorite oil like almond, coconut, or another oil. Oiling gives added moisture and shine to your curly hair and helps it to retain its natural curly style.
  4. A little mouse for styling. Get some mouse or gel designed for curly hair and only apply about a dime size amount unless your hair is longer. This will help define your curl shape and keep your curly style.

Well kept curls are a style all their own if you have a cut that is flattering. There are celebrity guys who have curly hair and it looks great. Your curly hair style will look just as stylish if you follow some of the tips above. Just make sure you have your curly hair cut in a style you are comfortable with and keep your curls in good condition. Curly hair tends to style itself if taken care of.

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