How To Subdivide Land

Understanding how to subdivide land can be beneficial, especially in times of a difficult economy. Subdividing land is the process by which a single piece of property is separated into two or more pieces of land and each piece has a separate land title created or established for it. For example, if a land owner possesses a piece of land totaling 60 acres, and he chooses to subdivide into two equal pieces of land, each comprised of 30 acres, the subdivision results in two new and separate land titles for the two 30-acre pieces of land.

How to Subdivide Land

  1. Begin by researching zoning laws in the desired region. If the piece of land is already owned, it can be helpful to understand what the local zoning laws dictate as acceptable uses for the land as well as land regulations. For example, if the piece of land is 10 acres, and the zoning laws state that the minimum size of land in that region must be 10 acres, this land cannot be further subdivided.
  2. Consult a title company before subdividing land. A title company will help ensure that the property does indeed belong to the individual looking to subdivide, as well as double-check that all land or property taxes are up to date. If the land has not been purchased yet, a title company can still help the potential future owner decide whether the land is worth the cost and trouble for subdivision or not.
  3. Hire a land surveyor when deciding to subdivide land. The land surveyor will verify that measurements and other survey-related features are all in accordance with what the county records state for that property. He will provide a legal description of the land known as the blue line or boundary survey. The surveyor will need to know which pieces of the piece of land to survey for subdivision.
  4. Create a plat of the property, showing the entire piece of land and the proposed subdivided plots. File this with the local tax office so that the taxes for the land can change reflecting the new subdivisions.
  5. Once the land has been subdivided, the owner can freely sell the new plots as he wishes. Consulting a realtor can help with the marketing of the property, and ultimately make the sale or sales run smoother and most professional realtors will know the process and be able to ensure all legal ground is covered.
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