How To Sue Your Employer

You want to sue your employer and need to know exactly how to sue your employer. There can be a numbers of reason that a person might want to sue their employer such as discrimination, sexual harassment, or wrongful termination. Choosing to sue an employer is not the easiest thing to do, but there are some key things that you can do to help get you started on the right track.

  1. Review your employee handbook. Become familiar with the rules, your rights, and responsibilities. Make sure that the reason you want to sue your employer is legit and it is something that you believe you have a good case for. The handbook might help you to find a better way to help handle a situation.
  2. Keep notes and evidence of what you observe. The more information that you can collect to defend you case the better. If you are going to sue your employer you need evidence. Document exact dates, times, and the events or incidences that occur. Write specific details about what happened, what was said, and the outcome.
  3. Find a lawyer who specializes in these issues. Whatever lawyer you choose make sure that they have worked with employee and employer issues. Make sure they have the experience needed to work your case. Tell your lawyer all of the things you have already done to try to resolve the issue with your employer before you proceeded to sue your employer.
  4. Be patient and willing to work with your lawyer. Provide your lawyer with all documentation from home and work that they are requesting. Listen to your lawyer as they can help you to decide on the proper legal strategy to take, and help you to prepare for your testimony in court. This can be a very time consuming process, but be patient and allow your lawyer the adequate time to file all the paperwork to sue your employer.
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