How To Sue Your Mortgage Lender

Need to know how to sue your mortgage lender? If your house is in foreclosure and you feel that your mortgage lender has treated you unfairly in any way, then you may want to consider suing your mortgage lender. Your mortgage lender, regardless of how large or small, should be to blame for this subprime loan mess in American. While lenders are trying to maximize profits, they sticks home owners like you with the bills. Homeowners who are looking for the ultimate American dream are being deceived and lied to across the country. Therefore, if you want to fight back, then you should sue your mortgage lender.

  1. Your loan may be obtained illegally from the start. The brokers that made your loan only get paid if you get the loan; therefore, they have the incentive to make as many loans as possible. Sometimes, they even cross the line in order to make the loan. Find out if there are irregularities with your paperwork that might help you win your case against the mortgage lender.
  2. If your house is in foreclosure, then the mortgage lenders have to show that they own your house to foreclose on it. Fortunately for you, there is an approximately 50% chance that they might not have all the paperwork. Most of the paperwork may be misplaced, but in some cases, documents can be lost or destroyed. In this case, you have a great chance to win if you are suing your mortgage lender.
  3. The good faith estimate is actually full of bad faith. When your mortgage lender presents you with an estimate of how much are you going to pay, they usually do not show you the whole amount. There are a number of hidden fees beneath the paperwork, not ready to show themselves until you receive your first monthly bill. If these hidden fees are not explained during the process, then you may have a good case to sue your mortgage lender.
  4. Consider using community support and professionals. There are plenty of online communities that help each other in obtaining information on suing your mortgage lender. You may benefit greatly from an array of information. Consider hiring a lawyer to sue your mortgage lender; this may be a good idea, provided that you have enough capital to hire a lawyer.

Usually, threatening your mortgage lender is enough to get them thinking. You actually might get a lot of things accomplished without actually going to court.

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