How To Suede Eraser

If you have suede, cleaning it with a suede eraser is a good option. Suede is not as easy to clean other other fabrics. Cotton can simply be tossed in the wash. Leather can be wiped clean. Suede is a bit tricky though. If you know your options when it comes to cleaning the luxurious fabric, you can keep it looking lovely for years! Whether you are going to use a suede eraser on a sofa or a pair of shoes, we will tell you exactly how to do it.

To clean suede using a suede eraser and other products, you will need:

  • Suede items
  • Suede eraser
  • Metal suede brush
  • Soft dry cloth
  1. Gently rub the surface. Using the dry cloth, rub the surface smooth.
  2. Use the suede eraser. A suede eraser is a special block shaped cleaning tool. There is a cleaner in the eraser that creates crumb-like particles that go deep in the surface to lift up the stains or ground-in dirt. If you don't want to buy a pricey suede eraser, a regular pencil eraser will do the trick. Rub the eraser in the selected area. If the stain is wet, use a paper towel or cloth to absorb the moisture. Avoid scrubbing. You don't want to damage the delicate fabric. Avoid using any cleaning products.
  3. After using the eraser, brush the suede with a metal suede brush. This is an excellent tool for smoothing the roughened surface of the suede. It helps to restore the fluffy texture. Use the brush in a circular motion. A suede brush can also remove scuff marks on suede shoes.
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