How To Surf Fish In Delaware

Learning how to surf fish in Delaware requires the appropriate application of the necessary materials. First, load up on tackle and be sure you have a license applicable to Delaware. Then, just fish! The following are some tips that will help you surf fish in Delaware.

To surf fish in Delaware, you will need:

  • A fishing license
  • A surf spinning rod and reel
  • A bottom rig
  • Bottom weights, from one to three ounces
  • Bait (squid, cut fish, shrimp)
  1. First, you must prepare to surf fish in Delaware. Purchase all of the tackle, and buy a fishing license.
  2. Next, hit the beach. Bring all of your supplies with you, and find a nice, open stretch of beach from which you will surf fish.
  3. Tie your rig onto the rod and select a bait. If targeting pompano, use shrimp, and for croaker, drum, or bluefish, cut squid or fish, such as mullet or menhaden is best.
  4. Select an appropriate weight for the bottom rig. If you are fishing close in, and the water is calm, a one-ounce weight will suffice. But if the water is rough, or you will be casting further out, heavier weights, such as three-ounce triangle weights, are best.
  5. After casting, hold the rod and keep the line taught. If you feel at tug, wait a second and then set the hook. If you do not feel any fish take the bait, be patient and keep at it. Periodically reel the rig in to check to see if any fish have eaten the bait off of it.
  6. If necessary, change the type of bait you are using, or switch locations. Often, fish congregate in certain areas, and it can be your job to find them.

Learning how to surf fish in Delaware can take some time, but it is a fun experience that keeps you outdoors. Keep at it, even on slower days, and you will likely find success.

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