How To Surf Fish On The Gulf Of Mexico

Learning how to surf fish on the Gulf of Mexico requires you to use the right tackle and equipment for any fish that you may be targeting. You may also need to bring an array of baits which can work for various types of fish. The following tips will help you surf fish on the Gulf of Mexico.

To surf fish on the Gulf of Mexico, you will need:

  • A fishing license for the state you will be surf fishing in
  • A surf rod
  • A bottom rig
  • Weights, from one to four ounces
  • Bait (squid, shrimp, mullet)
  1. Before you head to the Gulf of Mexico, buy all of the tackle you may need, and make sure your license is up to date. All of this is available at any coastal outdoor supply store. Then, go to the beach and find a nice spot from which to surf fish.
  2. Tie a bottom rig onto the line and select your bait. For pompano and puppy drum, shrimp are best, but for big drum or big sea trout, go with cut or even whole mullet.
  3. Select a weight relative to the type of surf fishing you will be doing. For close-in surf fishing on calm days, light weights are fine, but if casting far out, you should attach heavier bottom weights.
  4. Cast out and wait. It can take a while for fish to bite on the Gulf of Mexico, especially if targeting larger fish like bull drum. Every once in a while, check the rig to make sure that the bait is still on. If a long time (an hour or two) go by without your receiving any bites, try switching bait or switching locations.

Learning how to surf fish on the Gulf of Mexico can take some time, as there are several species of top gamefish that may require different baits or tactics to catch. Keep at it, and you should find a nice, easy way to catch the fish that you are after.

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