How To Surf Pipeline

So, you want to take on the big waves and learn how to surf pipeline? Learning to surf the pipeline is a difficult surfing move requiring exceptional balance and daring. The pipeline is one of the most dangerous and difficult waves to surf. The pipeline can shred you in a matter of seconds. Learning to surf the pipeline takes skill and total control of your surfboard and wits. The real test on is your skill level and understanding and respecting the mechanics involved. Never take the pipeline for granted.

  1. You will want to make a few runs. Test the water and the current and get a feel for your abilities on the given day. Once ready stroke out to the waves and let the first few swells roll beneath you.
  2. Take the next appropriate wave. When ready ride the crest of the wave, allowing yourself to drop down a bit. Stand up, recommend about mid-board. You will need to keep your knees bent and ride the wave.
  3. The wave will begin to curl over you (if it is a pipeline). Keep the closet hand literally in the wave. Maintain a stable foothold and keep your hand away from the wave away from your body.
  4. Maintain the ride through the pipeline and out the other end. This will complete the surf an you can chose to drop of the board or maintain the ride to shore. Remember to maintain balance by using your hands. Keep the knees bent, head forward and eyes alert.


  • Never take the pipeline for granted. This is a difficult wave based on its power and undertow. This is a dangerous endeavor. Be true to yourself and always respect the wave.



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