How Is Surfing And Skateboarding The Same?

Often times, many people may wonder how is surfing and skateboarding the same.  Well, it is pretty obvious what is different between surfing and skateboarding.  First of all, surfing is done in water, typically an ocean, meanwhile, skateboarding is normally done on a hard surface, such as asphalt, wood, or concrete.  Skateboards are able to move due to the wheels that are located on the bottom of the board.  A surfboard has no wheels, but it moves on water, with the help of water current or waves.

Now that you know what is different between the two, let's think about how surfing and skateboarding is the same.  

  1. First of all, surfing and skateboarding both require excellent balance in order to be successful at them.  
  2. Surfing and skateboarding are also similar in that the rider stands on object that keeps him above the ground or the water.  While surfing and skateboarding, the rider is presented with a similar situation because the boards are not attached to his feet.  So, if he falls down while surfing or skateboarding, the board is free to go wherever the water or pavement takes it. If a person is, say, roller skating for example, the chances of falling are much greater because the wheels attached to his feet.

Although we have given a few examples of why surfing and skateboarding are very much alike, remember, just because you are good at one, does not mean you are good at the other.  They are similar, but they are completely different sports that require different skills, so even though surfing and skateboarding are somewhat alike, you need to practice each one individually to be good at them.  However, some characteristics, such as balance, will help you in both surfing and skateboarding.

If you enjoy surfboarding, but have never tried to ride a skateboard, you should give it a try.  Some of your skills might be better suited to skateboarding.  There is only one way to find out…

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